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the anti-asswhip site
12345 Welcome to RemoveRowdy.com! If you hate Rowdy, the mascot of the Dallas Cowboys, you've come to the right place.

BTW - the forum is the only thing left of this site, and brutha - it has a life of its own.

latest news

Well, at least from games. It took 9 long years, but we finally got what we wanted. Celebration!!!

Your host to be interviewed on The Chris Duel Show today on KTSA in San Antonio Texas!
This should be a blast. The interview should be around 4 or 5pm today. Yay! Hopefully we can bring in some new blood to our 'cause'. Remember, it is up to YOU to voice your distain for this inane, cartoonish sycophant. Contact the Cowboys organization directly and tell them to REMOVE ROWDY!!! :
Dallas Cowboys Football Club - Executive Offices
Irving, TX 75039
(972) 556-9900

Rowdy ruins yet another Ring of Honor induction ceremony
While there's a good chance Irvin, Aikman and Smith will eventually all be part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, they received another, more fitting tribute by going into the team's Ring of Honor -- together. During halftime of the Cowboys-Redskins game, their names were unveiled across the stadium's facade around the 50-yard line facing the Dallas bench.

However, the grand event was marred a bit by the annoying mascot everyone has grown to hate over the years. Just as in previous events, the vapid foam-brained joker was jumping and dancing as the three names were revealed in the ring. When will he be permanently removed? His role has diminished over the past couple of seasons, but his mere presence takes away from truly serious and emotional events such as this. Please Jerry - Remove Rowdy.

Berger should've gotten the keys to the city for wailing on Asswhip. Too bad it wasn't captured on film!
Appearing in the New Orleans Times-Picayune today.

Dallas mascot gets boot from Berger
Saints punter/kicker, 'Rowdy' involved in pregame run-in
By Brian Allee-Walsh
Staff writer

The Dallas Cowboys' mascot could have been flagged for running into the kicker before Sunday's game against the Saints at Texas Stadium.

Saints punter/kicker Mitch Berger said the Cowboys' mascot known as "Rowdy" knocked him to the ground while trying to block a kickoff during pregame warmups.

Berger said he landed awkwardly on the mascot, then lit into him as head referee Tony Corrente looked on in disbelief. "I was practicing my kickoffs, and the big mascot dove in front of me to block the ball, and he took my knees out," said Berger, who was selected NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance against the Cowboys. "He could have blown my knee out. I started smacking the guy in the head and screaming at him. I yelled a few expletives at him, and he's screaming back at me under his (costume).

"I tried to rip his head off and throw it but I couldn't get it off. The referee saw it all, but what's he going to do, throw a flag?"

Moments later, Berger shanked the opening kickoff out of bounds, giving the Cowboys good field position at their 40-yard line.

"I hadn't kicked a ball out of bounds in two years," Berger said. "I'm not making excuses. That wasn't his fault. I should have composed myself, but it was crazy. It's really funny as hell when you think about it -- here I am beating up this mascot before the game -- but he could have injured me."

Saints players and coaches erupted in laughter as the incident unfolded in front of them. "I saw it, and I couldn't help but laugh," Saints snapper Kevin Houser said. "I was laughing all the way through the national anthem. I had the church giggles."

The Cowboys' mascot, Ted Ovletrea, did not return calls to his Dallas office and cell phone. "I didn't see it, but I heard about it on talk radio here in Dallas. Was it a 5-yard penalty for running into the kicker or a 15-yard penalty for roughing the kicker?" quipped Cowboys director of public relations Rich Dalrymple.

As radio personality Craig Miller once said - Jerry, see the light!

Dunham whips Rowdy's Ass

AM Radio Talk Show Host, George Dunham made quick work of the hated Cowboy's mascot Saturday night at the Dallas Desperados halftime show. In a semi-gay pillow-fight contest, Dunham scored shots to the head and torso in rapid succession, then pounced on the witless foam character and beat him to a bloody pulp. Fans in attendance overwhelmingly supported Dunham as victor. Thank you George, you are a real American hero.

Rowdy 'Removed' from game!!!

The NFL has had enough with be-hated Dallas Cowboys mascot 'Asswhip'. During the first half of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, Rowdy continually violated NFL rules by troding upon the field of play. A big no-no. NFL Films was asked by officials to document the violations. Rowdy was then 'banned' from the field and banished to the stands. He attempted to return to the field during the second half, but was banned again. Rowdy then assaulted a fan in the stands with silly string. A wonderful step in the right direction to 'Remove Rowdy'. Way to go NFL officials!

Read more about this from Dallas Morning News Columnist, Cody Monk.

Rowdy ruins somber Tex Schramm Ring of Honor Induction

In what should have capped off a touching ceremony at Texas Stadium, Rowdy (aka Asswhip), marred today's unveiling of Tex Schramm's name in the Dallas Cowboy's Ring of Honor. Much like previous induction ceremony shenanigans, the hated Cowboys' mascot put himself front and center, just below the hallowed name of the late Schramm during the presentation. Gaily smiling and waving, this attention-starved moron played with the fabric as it was being removed, as fans and commentators alike held their mouths open in disgust. This behavior is unacceptable. Remove Rowdy NOW, Mr. Jones. Cowboy fans deserve better.

Dallas Morning News reports on Rowdy

Read the interesting article about asswhip by By Michael Precker of The Dallas Morning News

Could Bill Parcells Fire Rowdy?

(lifted directly from dallascowboys.com)
Asswhip doesn't appear to making a good name for himself with head coach Bill Parcells. During Sunday's press conference, Rowdy drove down the hallway outside the pressroom honking the horn on his scooter. It's the second day in a row he's done that, causing Parcells to ask, "What's that?" only to be told it was Rowdy, much to his chagrin if looks are meaningful. Then following the afternoon practice Sunday, Rowdy roamed the stands eliciting cheers from the crowd as he passed out souvenirs. Problem was, Parcells was still trying to address the team on the field. The coach glared towards the stands more than once while giving his speech. Let us pray that Parcells additional power includes mascot dismissals.

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Celebrity Support
Craig Miller Craig Miller

Co-Host of The Dunham and Miller Show on 1310 AM
Rowdy gives all mascots a bad name, and gives all fans a pain in the ass. His smile is annoying, and his antics are not funny. The Cowboys would be much better off with a tough looking cowboy, or an animal of some sort. Please, Jerry, see the light!

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